Wojciech Babski

Wojciech Babski born and still based in Katowice, Poland , with his own painting studio.

Wojciech Babski As an experienced artist, he already has an established position, which is confirmed by over 350 sold artworks decorating interiors in many countries on five continents. They are very eagerly bought due to their undeniable decorativeness.

Wojciech Babski artworks encompass a wide range of subjects, with a particular focus on female themes, street art, pop art, abstract concepts, and collages. He skillfully portrays faces, outlines, and various figures. His portraits beautifully blend elements of realism, pop art, and abstraction, resulting in a truly contemporary style of painting. The artworks are characterized by their sharpness, vibrancy, and frequent use of bright and aggressive colors. The artist employs bold and strong strokes of both putty and brush, creating a thick texture enhanced by contrasting patches of color. The intention behind these paintings is to leave a lasting impression, commanding attention and becoming the centerpiece of any interior rather than merely blending into the background. The artist often opts for large formats to further emphasize the impact of the artwork as a whole.

Recently, street art has taken an increasingly important place in his work. Free, unrestrained, not subject to canons, often chaotic, touching on important problems, but also having a purely decorative character more and more boldly reigning in cities and suburbs is another important topic on which the artist focuses.
AII his paintings are made on canvas. Wojciech Babski likes to work on rather large format, ranging from 1.4 to 2 meters or larger.

What he likes best in paintig is energy, spontaneity, colour, emotions and impression.
And that’s what he is trying to achieve creating his works.